Moment #57: Change Only Hurts When It’s Irrational

Moment #57 // Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution is often summarized as: the survival of the fittest. But, in fact, Darwin’s conclusion was that those who survive aren’t necessarily the fittest – they are the most adaptable. As a leader, one of your most valuable characteristics is your capacity for change.

Change is constant. But many of us don’t cope with it particularly well. We often struggle to understand the change that we’re asked to adapt to in our work lives… and what we don’t understand, we fear. 

If change isn’t rational, it can leave a workforce cynical and disengaged. This is labeled as change fatigue. But even when the intent and substance of the change is sound, it’s often undermined by poor leadership.

You can take a deeper dive into these insights by listening to Ep.119: Change Fatigue.


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