Leadership Transparency: Are there limits?

Episode #207 // Transparency in leadership is a huge topic! Virtually every leadership pundit on the planet will tell you what an important quality transparency is for a leader to possess. And they’d be right! But it isn’t black and white… there’s an incredible amount of nuance and judgment in this subject.


This episode looks at transparency from the macro level (companies and countries), right down to the day-to-day complexities you face in determining the right level of transparency to employ as a leader. It can be a lot trickier than you think!


Putting aside the big questions of ethics and confidentiality, you’ll need to make some judgment calls on the practical realities of transparency when leading large teams.


What’s the relationship between transparency and accountability? Between transparency and trust? I give you my five rules of thumb for deciding how much transparency you should bring to the most common situations you’re likely to face. 

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