Eliminating Selection Bias: Why is it so hard?

Episode #202 // Despite the very vocal and public focus on Diversity & Inclusion in the last 10+ years, it still appears to be a huge struggle for most organizations. It seems that the inertia created by the entrenched structures, processes, and attitudes is way harder to overcome than anyone might have imagined.


When it comes to diversity, many countries, industries, and businesses have put rules in place to encourage speed of adoption, and to accelerate the rate of change… once again, this is clearly not working in most cases.


In the US, the National Football League (NFL) implemented something called The Rooney Rule almost 20 years ago. This rule was designed to eliminate selection bias against African American coaches in the sport, but it has recently come under severe criticism.


In this episode, I take a deep look at selection bias, and offer my seven hot tips for eliminating selection bias, and improving your hiring outcomes.

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