Breaking Into the C-Suite: What you should know

Episode #208 // We get an incredible number of questions from our podcast community about career development. Working out how to progress in your career can be as daunting as it is mystifying. We often see other people getting promoted, and wonder how that’s even possible.


When you start to get up to the rarified air of the C-suite, it’s even harder: there’s more quality competition for fewer roles.


So, what’s the secret? How can you position yourself for a C-level role, and what would you have to do, today, to start moving in that direction (assuming it’s what you ultimately want)?


In this episode, I outline a few of the many paths that will take you to the executive level, I cover the key area of relationships and politics, and I share my five rules of thumb for breaking into the C-suite!

If you want to work through these tips, I created a free pdf for you, 'The Executive Ready Checklist'. Download it for free here!

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