Navigating Toxic Work Cultures & Office Politics: Q&A with Marty and Em

Episode #238 // Leadership drives culture, culture drives performance.

Today, we look at a few very common team culture dynamics, and give some perspectives for how you might be able to handle these situations, when you find yourself in the middle of them.

The first is the incredibly common phenomenon of the supposed star performer who ‘manages up’ brilliantly, but doesn’t actually deliver… and the boss is too weak, or too conflict-averse to hold them to account—they’d rather let the rest of the team bear the brunt, as long as the work is getting done somehow.

The second focuses on organizational politics, and how deceptive behavior can be leveraged for advantage by those who concentrate more on politics than value creation. 

In this Q&A episode, I give some incredibly practical tips for how to handle each of these situations, including some of the conversations you’ll probably need to have, and the killer questions you can ask.


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