Avoiding Burnout: Streamlining your leadership approach

Episode 187 // In a recent episode, we explored the continuing decline in mental health, and how it can affect a leader’s role. It’s a sensitive topic, and if this were the only disruptive trend we were experiencing, that would be enough to add to the tremendous load that leaders already carry. 


But there are plenty of other issues to contend with: pandemic uncertainty… physical dislocation of people and teams… changes in societal standards and expectations…


This may explain, at least to some extent, the ever-increasing number of leaders suffering from burnout. If leaders can’t remain healthy, positive, and productive in these tumultuous times, then what chance does the rest of the population have?


This episode gives some key insights into the underlying causes of burnout, and presents a solution that can be found only through improving and streamlining your leadership skills. We flesh this solution out more fully in our free burnout training, which you can join at bit.ly/burnout2022


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