Are Entrepreneurs Happier? Or is the grass just greener...

Episode #194 // In last week’s Q&A episode with Em, I mentioned the revival of the entrepreneur in the context of the Great Resignation: there’s a growing trend for people exiting permanent jobs to start their own businesses.

This episode dives below the surface to examine this phenomenon more deeply.

Are entrepreneurs truly happier than wage-earning employees? If so, why? Are the longer hours, higher stress levels, and lower earnings compensated by the autonomy and purpose that come with being your own boss?

Every individual’s circumstances are completely different, but if you’re deciding whether to stay in your current role, change jobs, or start your own business, there are tips in here to help you!

We've also put together a free 5-point PDF checklist to help you work through whether you're ready to take the leap! Download it here:

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