This week Hollie and Illy address that often ignored resource within us – Intuition. What is it? And why we ignore it at our peril!

Unfortunately the ideas of 'trusting your instincts' is something that lots of us are uncomfortable with, mistrusting of, embarrassed to admit to even. Why is that?

Growing a baby, birthing a baby and nurturing a baby are all instinctive processes to a large degree but there are so many barriers to that instinctive process.

All of this is unpicked and of course Illy and Hollie discuss ways of practicing exercising your instincts.

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Hollie's books:

Your Baby, Your Birth

Motherhood Your Way

Mentioned in the podcast:

The Heart In The Womb by Amali Lokugamage

Produced by Louise Daniels @louisedanielsofficial 


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