#311 Exene Cervenka (X)

Exene is someone else I met on the Flogging Molly Cruise - we actually met on the 2022 Salty Dog Cruise, it's just taken me until now to invite her onto the show. But everything happens for a reason. All in due time and all that. I genuinely believe that to be true.

This was such a soul-stirring and inspiring conversation.We discuss sobriety, recovery, relationships, heartache, creativity and so much more. It actually felt more like an exercise in life advice than an interview, and I'm very grateful to Exene for her friendship, wisdom and guidance. She's an amazing person, not to mention an incredible artist and songwriter.

If you're not familiar with the music of X, get to know it. Be sure to check out all of Exene's other projects, too. Her solo albums, the records with John Doe, The Knitters, Original Sinners, Auntie Christ. There's so much good music to explore and I encourage everyone to dive in. Happy listening!!!

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