04: 3D Printers vs Smelly Fridge Cleaner...

Welcome to Lifehackers!

This is the show that will have you lifehacking your way through existence like the life guru you truly are.

Every week, Kerr Drummond and Sara Damergi take your through their best lifehacks; from the weird, to the wonderful, to the downright genius. And, they're joined by some very special guests along the way.

This week on Life Hackers, Kerr yet again hits us with a very simple yet practical life hack, but Sara stays true to form and brings out the big guns - a 3D printed heart anyone? It's 2-1 to Drummond so far, but will the reign last?

This week's Life hack adjudicator is Travel Mad Mum a.k.a Karen Edwards. Karen is a mum of two and a nurse and spent her maternity leaves travelling the world, and has become a font of inspiration and ideas for travelling with a family. Kerr and Sara grill her travels and her best travel life hacks.

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