Citizenship, visas and estate planning

During the episode, we speak with Jessica Zama of Buckles Solicitors, who gives us her insight on topics ranging from Italian citizenship, visas, estate planning and UK domicile. You can find her details here:

I am including a few approximate minute markers so that you can easily locate the sections that are of interest:

Italian citizenship - 2.20

Long-stay permits and language requirements - 4.40

Visas - 7.15

Permesso di soggiorno - 8.30

Family reunification visas - 12.00

Estate planning - 15.30

Inheritance taxes and donations (gifts) - 24.50

UK domicile - 27.20

The closing music is “L’iride (Mazurka)”, D. Ciolfi, played by Pasquale (O Rêua) and Pietro Taraffo of the Genoese school

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