Hindsight - Season 1 Episode 7 - Vera Lawlor

Vera Lawlor started as a student in Trinity College Dublin last week but her journey to Trinity has been far from conventional. Always a keen student who loved reading, she was fifteen years old she was told on a Friday afternoon that she'd be leaving school to start working the following Monday.

Late in 2019, her dear sister and best friend died. Not long after that, Covid-19 hit. A few months after the first lockdown, she retired from her thirty-year career as a doctor’s receptionist at a busy practice in Finglas, Dublin, and is now charting a new course and throwing out any ideas of quiet retirement.  


More than 50 years after she left school, this inspirational mother of two and grandmother to three is finally walking through Front Arch as a Trinity College student. 


In our conversation, we talked about family, work, grief, and her lifelong love of learning, just a few days after she officially embarked on her new life as a college student. 

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