Big Defeats Against The Left's Effort to Damage Election Security

After the 2020 election season, many came to the realization that our election system needs significant reforms. In fact, we have actually seen a lot of victories on this front in 2021. But as states pass laws, they are experiencing pushback from left-leaning groups, and the Biden DOJ. That's why The Heritage Foundation has developed an incredible tool called the Election Integrity Scorecard. It analyzes the election laws of every state and grades them on how well they protect the security and integrity of the election process. It’s great context to help understand what has been done, and what more can be done to make it so it's easy to vote, and hard to cheat. On this episode, we talk with Hans von Spakovsky. He's on the frontlines of developing the policies that many of these states are implementing, and has keen insight as to how 2022 can differ from 2020.

Show Notes:

The Left Suffers a Big Defeat in Their Efforts to Damage Election Security

The Heritage Foundation Election Integrity Effort

Heritage Foundation Election Fraud Database

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