Special Edition: Q&A with Producer Ariana + New Hot and Bothered Trailer

Hi everyone! Bad news: The file for this week's episode got corrupted (probably by Voldemort). Unfortunately, Vanessa had minor surgery this week (she’s recovering well!) and Casper’s off in a monastery, so that only left one person to record something last minute for this week’s episode — me, your loyal producer, Ariana. It’s super low-tech – we’re just hanging out in my apartment, but you get to hear me do a truly terrible British accent and gush about Vanessa and Casper. I’ve also included the newest trailer for our upcoming show, Hot & Bothered. You can go subscribe now!

I was assisted in this episode by the very talented Jeff Emtman, who interviewed and recorded me. You can find his podcast, Here Be Monsters, at hbmpodcast.com

Next week, we’ll get back in the studio and re-record the promised episode, Pride: Professor Umbridge (Book 5, Chapter 12). Thank you for bearing with us this week, and extra thank you to everyone who sent in questions over Twitter and Facebook.

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