Owl Post and Other Journeys with Professor Stephanie Paulsell

Inspired by last week's chapter, Vanessa sits down with our mentor, Professor Stephanie Paulsell, to learn more about the theology of pilgrimages. They discuss the Japanese poet Bashō, their own Virginia Woolf pilgrimage, and Hagrid’s journey to the giants. Throughout the conversation they consider the question: Must you leave your house to make a pilgrimage?

This episode we also hear owl post from Danielle Daniels, Marcie Walker, Leah Bauman, Darlyn Summers, and Molly.

CW: This episode contains voicemails about some intense topics, including grief and miscarriage.

Next week, we'll be reading Chapter 21 of Order of the Phoenix, The Eye of the Snake, through the theme of Honesty.

You can read more about our pilgrimages at: https://www.readingandwalkingwith.com

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