Natalie Plain | Founder and CEO of Billion Dollar Brows

In episode seventy eight of the Glow Journal podcast, host Gemma Watts talks to the founder and CEO of Billion Dollar Brows, Natalie Plain.

In the year 2003, standalone brow brands were few and far between. It was in that year, however, that Natalie Plain watched as lash products dominated the beauty market and noticed a gap for dedicated brow products. 

Natalie had long held an understanding of the role brows play in the overall beauty picture. Having naturally bushy brows as a child, a teenage Natalie had begged her mother to take her to Beverly Hills to have them professionally shaped. The results, she tells me, were transformative- on her confidence above anything else.  

By 2003 Natalie had been a White House intern and was working as a journalist, and upon noticing that the lash market was exploding yet so few people were developing products for the brows, despite them being mere millimetres away, she decided it was she who could fill that white space- and so, Billion Dollar Brows was born.

What began as a single SKU has since grown to a full colour cosmetics line and, today, Billion Dollar Brows is available in 32 countries. 

In this conversation, Natalie shares the importance of focus groups, why an early understanding of Google Ad Words played a key role in her brand’s launch, and her advice on dealing with emerging competitors when you’re first to market. 


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