Corbin Halliday | Founder and CEO of Three Warriors

In episode seventy four of the Glow Journal podcast, host Gemma Watts talks to the founder and CEO of Three Warriors, Corbin Halliday.

Three Warriors’ existence really stems from founder Corbin Halliday’s 2014 hospitalisation. 

Corbin had grown up in Tasmania with dreams of making it as an actor in Hollywood. Upon finishing school he moved to Sydney and began auditioning, and was subsequently signed to an agency in Los Angeles. Within months of landing in Hollywood, Corbin realised he didn’t actually enjoy acting at all- so he moved back to his home town of St Helens and went back to the career drawing board. 

Corbin started working as a hairdresser and became a very successful one, however he was forced to give it up upon falling ill in 2014. He began experiencing daily migraines, nerve pain, and blood pressure so high he was on the precipice of a stoke. After four years of tests and treatment, Corbin finally received a diagnosis that he shared more on in our conversation. 

It was during those four years that Corbin decided to change his lifestyle and, in turn, the products he was using daily. Discovering a gap for a legitimately organic, natural, vegan and cruelty-free tanning product, Corbin began working with a biochemist friend to bring the Three Warriors salon tanning solution to life. 

Within six months of the brand’s 2017 launch, hype and demand led Corbin to develop a range of at-home skin and tanning products and, as he reveals in this episode, there are several new products on the horizon. 

In this conversation, Corbin shares the deeply moving story behind the Three Warriors name, the trials and tribulations of receiving organic certification, and how a water damaged apartment was really the catalyst that led to this red-headed boy from Tasmania launching a tanning brand. 


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