BONUS | Your Wedding Skin Questions Answered

How far out from your wedding day should you start your skin prep? What should you be doing for your skin a year, six months, and a week before your wedding? What do you do if a pimple or irritation arises on your wedding day? What’s the biggest mistake brides-to-be make the night before their big day?

In this Ask An Expert episode, host Gemma Watts is joined by Dermal Clinician and founder of Victorian Dermal Group, Derya Koch. Events are, at long last, on the horizon again, and skin clinics have finally reopened their doors, so we have received an overwhelming number of questions from brides-to-be asking how best to prepare their skin ahead of their wedding day.

This Ask An Expert episode is sponsored by Candela Medical, however Derya is not here to push specific brands and products. As per the rest of this Ask An Expert Series, I’ve sought qualified experts to give you objective answers to your questions so that you can take that information and make your own educated decisions regarding which treatments are right for you. 

In this episode, we’ve taken the questions YOU submitted on wedding skin to Derya- from exactly what you should be doing a year, six months, and a week before your wedding day and how late is too late to start those preparations in order to see results, through to what to do if a pimple or an irritation flares up on your big day and the DIY treatments you should absolutely avoid the night before your wedding. 

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