BONUS | Your Laser and IPL Questions Answered

Are laser and IPL different, and which is better? Can I still get laser hair removal in the summer? What does laser actually do to pigmentation? Are laser spider vein treatments permanent?

In this Ask An Expert episode, host Gemma Watts is joined by National Clinical Operations Manager for Candela Medical ANZ, Kirsten Cachia. Professional skin clinics are finally back open and the festive season is almost upon us, so we’ve received an influx of questions recently regarding skin treatments for everything from hair removal and skin tightening through to pigmentation and spider veins. 

This bonus episode is sponsored by Candela Medical, however Kirsten is not here to push specific products, treatments or brands. As per the rest of this Ask An Expert Series, I’ve sought qualified experts to give you objective answers to your questions so that you can take that information and make your own educated decisions regarding which treatments are right for you. 

In this episode, we’ve taken the questions YOU submitted on all things laser and IPL to Kirsten- from the real difference between laser and IPL and if it’s even worth undergoing a hair removal treatment so close to summer through to what’s involved in pigmentation and spider vein treatmments and whether or not laser treatments are really permanent. 

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