Manatees and Magical Thinking - Amy Jones' Novel, Pebble & Dove

This episode focuses on Amy Jones (2.13), author of Every Little Piece of Me (2.27), We're All in This Together (2.27), What Boys Like (2.37), and Pebble & Dove (2.45), published by McClelland & Stewart -- and the focus of this episode.

We also discussed Amy’s appearance at Word on the Street (.39 and 9.08) and her forthcoming appearance at the Eden Mills Literary Festival (5.12 and 8.53) on September 9th (see this link for tickets to the event).

Linda interviews Amy, during which time they chat about

  • Family – what it means (7.56), dysfunctional families (9.46), and family secrets (11.00)
  • Multiple points of view in narrative form (13.25)
  • Motherhood (and templates thereof) (18.45)
  • Balancing family and careers, and the impact of family on art (20.30)
  • Manatees (22.25)
  • Did we say manatees? (22.25 -- or just the entire episode!)

If you'd like to know more about how to support manatees and the seagrass programs that are important to their survival, visit the Save the Manatee Program.

Hosted by Linda Morra, Co-produced by Linda Morra and Marco Timpano, Music by Raphael Krux, Studio (Concordia University) with James Healey

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