Feminist Killjoys - An Interview with Erin Wunker

Linda is thrilled to have been able to conduct this interview with one of the foremost feminist scholars in Canada right now—Erin Wunker. They speak about her book Notes from a Feminist Killjoy, published by book*hug, and the important work it undertakes in relation to the labour of being a “feminist killjoy.”

Don’t know what a feminist killjoy is? Give this interview a listen to find out more.

Here are only some of the key points of the discussion:

·    About Erin Wunker (2.46) 

 ·   About the book itself: Notes from a Feminist Killjoy (book*hug press) (1.41)

·     The meaning of the title (4.39)

·     What is a killjoy? (1.47)

·     Sarah Ahmed, as a thinker and community-engaged intellectual (1.58, 5.40, 8.10, 30.08)

·     About the feminist killjoy (6.20, 7.09, 9.46, 19.40, 24.56) and intersectional feminism (15.57)

·     Betty Friedan (25.00)

·     The style of writing (25.30)

·     Collection action, allyship, friendship (18.55)

·     The podcast We Can Do Hard Things (Glennon Doyle, 13.08)

·     Catherine MacKinnon (30.14, 38.04) 

·     Tarana Burke, #MeToo, and Jian Ghomeshi (32.58)

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