Series 1: Episode 5 - Ajay Tegala, Lucy Lapwing, Ben Dolan, Afro Celt Sound System

The birds in our skies are about to change. Spring marks the start of migration, with birds flying thousands of miles across the world. It's a magical, mysterious wonder of nature that has fascinated us for centuries.

In this episode Mya-Rose Craig discovers why bird migration happens; learns about species we can expect to see flying into the UK; and hears from listeners from the Orkneys to East London about the first migrating birds they're seeing.

Nature broadcaster Ajay Tegala and RSPB's Lucy Lapwing explain the facts behind migration; Swarovski Optik's Dale Forbes provides top tips on choosing binoculars to help spot migrating birds; and West Midlands Bird Ringing Group's Ben Dolan reveals how he charts birds' journeys across the world using innovative thermal imaging.

Grammy Award nominated Afro Celt Sound System talk to nature beatboxer Jason Singh about their 2018 album Flight, themed around migration.

Host: Dr Mya-Rose Craig

Music Host: Jason Singh

Guests: Ajay Tegala, Ben Dolan, Dale Forbes, Lucy Lapwing, Afro Celt Sound System

Producer: Tom Bonnett

Executive Producers: Jane Gerber & Katie Derham

Production Manager: Cara Ghoshal

Production Assistant: Louis Facey

Sponsors: Severn Trent Water & Swarovski Optik


Chad Crouch - Platformer

Chad Crouch - Investigation

Chad Crouch - Dusk

Podington Bear - Brightening

Podington Bear - Happiness Is

Afro Celt Soundsystem - When I Still Needed You

Afro Celt Soundsystem - Working the Land

Afro Celt Soundsystem featuring the Amani Choir - Sanctus

Afro Celt Soundsystem - Hawk Owl [Unreleased Demo Excerpt]

Afro Celt Soundsystem - The Migration Medley: Flight

Birdsong Recordings:




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