Get Birding's RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch Special: Chris Packham, Samuel West, Miranda Krestovnikoff , Dr Amir Khan, Sam Lee & Edwyn Collins

In this special one-off episode featuring a host of voices, Get Birding celebrates the RSPB’s Big Garden Birdwatch 2022 in collaboration with the charity for their annual citizen science event.

Presenter Hamza Yassin encourages anyone in the UK to spend an hour spotting birds in their local park, green space or garden as part of this yearly weekend event. In 2021 over 1 million people took part, spotting 17 million birds.

Nature legend Chris Packham explains how to take part whilst RSPB President and nature presenter Miranda Krestovnikoff reveals how the data we gather in the BGBW is vital for bird conservation.

All Creatures Great and Small’s Samuel West gives tips on birdspotting with children, singer Edwyn Collins lists the birds he sees on his patch, whilst GMB’s Dr Amir Khan and comedian Susan Calman explain how to attract birds with feeders and food. Listeners across the UK give their advice too.

YouTuber City Girl in Nature and 16 year old RSPB Youth Council member Indy Keimel Greene inspire young people to try birding for an hour both in the city and countryside, whilst folk artist Sam Lee, Afro Celt Soundsystem’s Simon Emmerson, Sea Power’s Martin Noble and nature beatboxer Jason Singh suggest music playlists to get you into the mood for nature this weekend.

Listen to Simon's recommendation on Folk Radio here:

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Host: Hamza Yassin

Guests: Chis Packham, Miranda Krestovnikoff, Samuel West, Edwyn Collins, Dr Amir Khan, Susan Calman, Kwesia "City Girl in Nature", Indy Keimel Greene, Sam Lee, Simon Emmerson, Martin Noble, Jason Singh, Dawood Qureshi, Rachel Ball, Owen Bannister, Scott Place

Producer: Gill Davies, Sean Kerwin

Executive Producers: Jane Gerber & Katie Derham

Production Co-ordinator: Louis Facey

All music by Poddington Bear and Chad Crouch. Additional birdsong and nature recordings by richwise, petebuchwald, leonsound and benboncan under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 licence.

Podcast art by Make Productions

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