Future Visions live in London

Natalie Campbell hosts a live Future Visions panel discussion on Artificial Intelligence and the future of work from THECUBE London.

Following on from the first series of Future Visions we asked you, the listeners, to tell us what you wanted us to focus on next. The number of responses we received was overwhelming, with the vast majority keen to understand how the rise of AI would impact our lives. To help us answer this question we invited three of the stars of the first series to share their thoughts; Araceli Camargo (cognitive neuroscientist, lab director at The Centric Lab and co-founder of TheCUBE London), Ben Hammersley (British internet technologist, journalist, author, broadcaster and futurist) and Tracey Follows (award-winning futurist and regular commentator on the future of AI, gender, work and culture).

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