What will the Edinburgh reforms mean for advisers?

In December, the chancellor Jeremy Hunt took a trip to Scotland and announced plans to cut or change swathes of financial services regulation as part of the so-called "Edinburgh reforms".

He put forward a list of 30 reforms - including some of the rules created after the 2008 financial crisis such as the senior managers regime and ring fencing - in a move Hunt said would allow the UK to "seize its Brexit freedoms".

So what will these reforms mean for financial advisers? This week FTAdviser deputy editor Damian Fantato is joined by Simon Harrington, head of public affairs at adviser trade body Pimfa, and Ben Blackett-Ord, executive chair of Bovill, to find out.

They discuss how the senior managers regime might be reforms, what Priips ought to be replaced with and what changes to the FCA's remit might mean in practice.

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