How Raheem Sterling proved everyone wrong

Adoration doesn’t come along easily. No one knows that better than Raheem Sterling. Vilified and criticised, there was a time when, despite being the most exciting young English talent in a generation, he was also one of the most unpopular footballers in the country.

Those days are behind him now. Not only has he progressed on the pitch to become one of the best players in the world, he has spoken out on social issues, including press ethics and racism, to become one of the game’s most widely respected figures.

How did he change? Or did he change us? The man himself reveals all in the forthcoming issue of FourFourTwo.

Conor Pope speaks to Chris Flanagan and Hunter Godson about going to meet Sterling, and to Steven McInerney, the man behind the Man City YouTube channel Esteemed Kompany, about one of the greatest club sides this country has ever seen – and the role Raheem Sterling has had in shaping that.

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