Fuelling Life In The Spotlight

In today's episode of Food for Thought, we are honoured to have the illustrious musical theatre star and international icon, Kerry Ellis. Renowned as the Queen of the West End, Kerry's impressive career spans a multitude of leading roles and her talents extend beyond the theatre stage, boasting four studio albums and an upcoming tour. In this episode, we delve into Kerry's early life and reflect on her time at Laine Theatre Arts, where she shares insights into the pressures students faced to conform to a certain appearance. Experience the magic of Kerry’s stage performances and discover the heartwarming friendship between Kerry and Queen guitarist Brian May. Kerry describes her transformed perspective on diet and nutrition and its impact on performance endurance. Explore the role of food in her journey and how a mindful approach has enhanced her on-stage capabilities. Tune in to gain profound insight into the realities of the performing arts and Kerry's individual journey — a tale of passion, perseverance, and the pursuit of excellence that continues to captivate audiences worldwide

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