Dieselgate Reloaded - Part 2

In this episode of Europe Talks Back, Gail Rego continues to dig into the investigation by Stefano Valentino published by the pan-European online media, Voxeurop, on how the European car industry has lobbied EU institutions to weaken Euro Seven, the next European Emission Standard.


Over the years, the EU has adopted progressively more stringent regulations on car emissions, but establishing this new standard is proving to be more difficult than in the past.

This story is part of an investigation conducted with Voxeurop and supported by the Journalismfund Europe, the European Excellence Exchange in Journalism (E³J) and Free Press Unlimited.

“If there is no Euro Seven with stringent rules they will keep polluting the air that citizens breathe.” - Stefano Valentino


About the author of the investigation: Stefano Valentino.


Key moments

00:00:00 - Intro

00:01:00 - Thierry Breton

00:05:15 - Decision 2035

00:08:43 - An unspoken deal

00:10:35 - Another year

00:13:05 - Outro

Credits and staff


The second season of Europe Talks Back is produced in partnership with Sphera Network, the first network of independent media in Europe to reinvent the media space and paint a new picture of the continent through impactful, unbiased, raw, and authentic stories.


The producer and executive producer of Europe Talks Back is Alexander Damiano Ricci.


The script was written by Daniele Ruzza and edited by Alexander Damiano Ricci.


The host and narrator of this episode is Gail Rego.


Sound editing and mixing is by Jeremy Boquet.


The author of the investigation is Stefano Valentino.


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