Episode 44: Guy and Jane Harvey

Guy and Jane Harvey are a super couple.

Their story floored me and I consider it an honor to know them.

Guy had a stroke in 2016 - how it happened is unique, he was a fit dude.

What happened after is the stuff of legend.

Jane, his girlfriend at the time, stepped in, and up. We all need a Jane in our lives.

While Guy's stroke is a big part of their story. His recovery journey and their marriage are the main event.

Guy works hard, he's dedicated, but Jane is the engine that keeps this marriage running. She's the rare combination of passion, love, compassion and determination. These two are not to be underestimated.

They now run JGH Rehab. Notice that it's Jane Guy Harvey Rehab. Jane's name is first, for a darn good reason.

Their goal: to help others recover from the debilitating effects of a stroke.

It's brutally hard work. It takes a long time. And it takes the right mindset in the survivor and the caregiver(s).

If you need a bit of inspiration or life perspective - this one's for you.

You can find more on Guy and Jane here: https://jghrehab.ca/

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