EP 7 - Michelle Buteau thinks you should get freaky when you need to!

Michelle Buteau has a Netflix special AND a book on the way, is raising baby twins (a girl and a boy), and has a husband who makes her cocktails. She. Is. Winning. However, she went through a lot to get where she is, and it’s never been easy being a woman of color in America. We get into it on this episode, and Michele uses her wisdom and hilarious point of view to help out our callers. CALLS: 1) Marcus is heavier than he should be, according to others, but doesn’t really want to. 2) An almost divorced woman wants to get freaky with someone. Is that wrong?, and 3) Ethan from Southern California has lost his two best friends to each other and doesn’t know how to deal. Listen in to the problems of strangers with us!

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