Love Island Australia 2019 Week 3: #TeamVanessa or #TeamMatt?

The double dumping that kicked off the week had us shook! Viewers finally had the chance to get involved, helping to eliminate both Vanessa and Maurice. Crystal and Josh take sides in what was the most tense and bitter dumping to date: Crystal is on #TeamVanessa, Josh is on #TeamMatt, where do you stand?

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2:00 Dumped: Maurice

4:15 It's 'Go Time' for Gerard

5:15 Dumped: Vanessa

7:00 Bullying in the villa

7:55 Crystal is #TeamVanessa

13:20 Matt's crying: Real or fake?

15:10 Vanessa blames twins Josh and Luke, is going to hook up with DJ Sam Withers

19:30 Adam and Cartier's church dilemma

22:55 Eoghan's refusal to compromise for Jessie

26:30 How public voting influences the contestants

28:00 How Love Island Australia reflects real-life dating


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