S2 Ep.5: The Case I’ll Never Forget

There’s one case that still keeps Garry up at night, Elijah’s case. Garry first met Elijah atthe hospital, surrounded by nurses with tears in their eyes. Garry could barely holdit together as he looked over him – his wounds were bad and the cruelty heexperienced – inexplicable. However, Garry decided to learn from the case. Hestarted taking young children under his wing, showing them how to be adults,giving them the tools they needed to not only survive but thrive. As he says, itstarts with the simple things in life – he teaches all the young men he comes acrosshow to tie a tie before anything else. The path he set himself led him to one girl,Jasmine, who has become like a daughter to him. Garry helped her overcome herrough upbringing and eventually walked her down the aisle at her wedding.

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