0179 - Video Game Industry with Patrick O'Donnell

Hosts: Liam Price and Maximilian Schnippering

We are very pleased to welcome Patrick O’Donnell.

First, Patrick, can you give us an overview of your career and how you ended up covering the game industry for equity investment?

·       So, how big is the game industry, where does it happen? (size, scale and global locations)

·       How does the industry breakdown into segments, sectors, genres?

·       Is game outsourcing different to other kinds of outsourcing?

·       What kinds of specialisations or core activities for benefit from being outsourced?

·       What drives AAA studios’ growing reliance on outsourcing?

·       Who are the key public and private investment players in the game industry?

·       What is the role for industry member bodies like Irish Game Makers (IMIRT) and Games NI?

·       The Microsoft-Activision merger continues to be scrutinized by regulators. The logic underpinning M&A activity in other industries is usually put down to scale and efficiency; do the same rules apply for the game industry?

·       What does the future look like for global game development?

Well, we’ll wrap up there.

Thank you for sharing your expertise with us today.








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