DMI 4: Skate City - How This Urban Sport is Sparking Change

Episode 4: Skate City - How This Urban Sport is Sparking Change

Since the 1970’s, skateboarding has evolved to become increasingly inclusive and accessible, which in turn has shaped public realm in our cities to be more diverse, dynamic, and vibrant.

For this episode we spoke to Iain Borden, Vice-Dean Education and Professor of Architecture & Urban Culture at The Bartlett, UCL about how and why skateboarding has changed, and how accommodating its culture and community in the public spaces we design can be incredibly valuable.   


Iain Borden’s research explores how architecture and cities are experienced and re-used by the public. In particular, he has completed an in-depth study of the urban practice of skateboarding, looking at how skateboarders adopt modern cities as their own pleasure-ground, creating a culture with its own architecture, clothes, attitudes and social benefits. His most recent book is called Skateboarding & the City: a Complete History (2019).


Instagram and Twitter: @iainborden

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