Harry Johnson and Alix Fox on Sex

In this episode of the Dear Deidre podcast Sally Land is joined by sex educator, Alix Fox, and Netflix’s Too Hot To Handle winner, Harry Johnson, to give advice on your sex problems.


They’ll be addressing letters on premature ejaculation, threesomes and they discuss the challenges that come with the orgasm gap. 


00:00: Sally introduces Harry and Alix onto the podcast.

03:05: Alix and Harry share the worst sex advice that they have been given.

05:35: Alix and Harry share the best sex tip they’ve ever been given.

06:25: 1st letter, from a woman who has a much lower sex drive than her toy boy husband.

14:35: 2nd letter, from a man who’s struggling with premature ejaculation.

21:30: 3rd letter, from a young woman who is finding it hard to reach a point of climax when having sex with her boyfriend.

25:55: 4th letter, from a man who’s found himself in a messy threesome.

33:00: Harry and Alix give their best sex advice.

33:20: Goodbyes

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