Gamer CEO Redefines Wellness

Welcome back to "30 Minutes with," I'm June Ramli, your guide to insightful conversations. Today, we're joined by a unique visionary, Bryan Reedy, CEO of Gamer Advantage. Hailing from Eastern Michigan, Bryan's life took a significant turn at age 10 with a Type 1 Diabetes diagnosis. This challenging period, combined with his passion for Nintendo 64, shaped his outlook on health and wellness.

Bryan's academic path led him to Eastern Michigan University, where he immersed himself in Film Studies and Broadcasting. His initial foray into the media world began with an innovative FM gamer radio talk show in Detroit, although it was a brief venture. Bryan then pivoted to the finance sector, sharpening his expertise in marketing and management.

A critical shift in his career occurred when Bryan entered the eyewear industry, where he developed an interest in merging technology with eyewear. In 2018, this interest culminated in the founding of Gamer Advantage, a company dedicated to improving the well-being of gamers through cutting-edge technology. As CEO, Bryan is committed to creating products that help gamers find a healthy balance between their gaming passion and rest.

In our conversation with Bryan, we'll explore various facets of his journey:

The motivation behind shifting from finance to the eyewear sector.

The inception story of Gamer Advantage.

How Gamer Advantage caters to the unique needs of gamers.

Overcoming obstacles in establishing Gamer Advantage as a reputable brand.

Striking a balance between innovative and practical in product design.

The influence of Bryan's health experiences on his company's ethos.

Predictions on the convergence of gaming and wellness.

Bryan's guidance for budding entrepreneurs in the gaming realm.

The roadmap ahead for Gamer Advantage.

A personal gaming story from Bryan that holds special significance.

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