The DHS Is Reading Travelers' Posts at the Border

Customs and Border Protection is scanning people’s social media, the feds have arrested some swatters, and the FTC has ordered Ring to cough up a fine. This week on Cyber, Motherboard’s premier cyber crime reporter Joseph Cox is back to walk us through the latest in privacy violations done by Washington and the private sector. We’ll also take another look at the criminal world of SIM swappers and auto-swatters.

Stories discussed in this episode:

Homeland Security Uses AI Tool to Analyze Social Media of U.S. Citizens and Refugees

'The Comm': The Group Linked to a Nationwide Swatting Rampage

FTC Orders Ring to Pay $5.8 Million in Refunds For Surveilling Customers, Failing to Stop Hackers

Russian FSB Accuses U.S. of Hacking Thousands of iPhones in Russia

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