AI Deepfakes Are Everywhere and Congress is Completely Out of Their Depth

An AI-generated Biden called voters in New Hampshire ahead of the primary and told them to stay home. X locked down the search term “Taylor Swift” after AI-generated nudes of the pop giant flooded the platform. In the wake of both scandals, Congress has struggled with how to fight back against the flood of fake bullshit. Keeping the world from drowning in fakes affects all of us, but some of the cures sound worse than the sickness.

This week on Cyber, Motherboard Senior Editor Janus Rose and Fight for the Future’s Lia Holland come on to talk about the limits of legislation around AI-generated scams and abuse.

Stories discussed in this episode.

Congress Is Trying to Stop AI Nudes and Deepfake Scams Because Celebrities Are Mad

Taylor Swift Is Living Every Woman’s AI Porn Nightmare

‘Palworld’ Is Tearing the Internet Apart

An AI-Generated Content Empire Is Spreading Fake Celebrity Images on Google

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