The Chess Scandal Involving Butt Plugs, AI, and Accusations of Cheating

Chess. Chess. Chess. You, the audience, quite literally asked for it. It’s the scandal that just won’t quit. On September 4 at a live Chess Tournament in St. Louis, chess grandmaster Magnus Carlsen lost in a massive upset to young chess wiz Hans Niemann. This was not supposed to happen and almost immediately accusations and revelations about cheating have gotten wilder, involving AI driven cheating engines and buttplugs.

Throughout it all, Motherboard editor-in-chief Jason Koebler has kept pushing the story, watching every moment, and now he’s got a big scoop.

Stories discussed on this episode:

‘I Can’t Believe It’: Magnus Carlsen Resigns After One Move in Chess Rematch With Hans Niemann

Magnus Carlsen Finally Speaks on Chess Cheating Scandal, Sows Even More Chaos

Magnus Carlsen: Hans Niemann ‘Has Cheated More—and More Recently—Than He Has Publicly Admitted’

Chess Grandmaster Maxim Dlugy Admitted to Cheating on, Emails Show

Did Hans Neimann Cheat at Chess With a Sex Toy? This Coder Is Attempting to Find Out.

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