Craving Creativity

by That's Not Canon Productions

The Craving Creativity Podcast is our cry for help, a way to help ourselves as creatives to talk about how we get inspired, how we create but also how we deal with stress, mental illness and everything in between. 

When you are a creative, it has always been hard to fit into a “normal” life with 9-5, career plans and dreams of a wonderful retirement. If you are a true creative then all you want to do is create. 

If you are a creative you are most likely seen as the black sheep of the family, making different choices than 95% of “normal” people would do. Not going for the safe choice but always living a little on the edge

Throw in a pandemic and confine us in our homes during multiple lockdowns,  with no creative outlets in the form of galleries, theaters, cinemas, music venues and creatives will have a much harder time adjusting than the regular Joe. 

With the Craving Creativity Podcast it is our hope to create a safe place where we can talk about being creative. We want to build a community of like minded creatives and help each other. Subscribe, email us and be part of the creative journey. 

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