How to Manage Injustice with Moral Clarity

Capitalism has served us well in many ways, says Manish Bhardwaj, CEO and founder of Innovators in Health, but it has also exacerbated injustice and inequality worldwide. So, how can we address the problems at the heart of this? How can we design more just systems? By having moral clarity. 

In this episode of Corporate Unplugged, Manish explains we first need to understand why there is injustice in the world, before we can find a solution. A lot of our failures today, says Manish, are failures of imagination. We’re really good instrumentalists, we know how to crunch data, what we lack is a fluency in the language of morality. 

To find out more about cultivating moral clarity, download and listen to this episode today. 

On today’s podcast:

  • Why we’re all such good instrumentalists
  • We aren’t trained to navigate difficult issues morally
  • Moral clarity and justice requires accompaniment
  • Leaders should rely on moral authority

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