How to Develop Humanistic Balanced Projects and Places

How often are you moved to tears in a day? How often do you experience things that make you really feel deeply? This is what drives Richard Hsu, as he tirelessly redesigns systems and connects dots, as he develops humanistic balanced projects and places.

The world has had a collective awakening. People are fast realising life is too short to waste on dirty, profit making projects. They want purpose, they want good reasons to invest their time in something. Which is why now is a really good time to have a conversation about what kind of society we should develop, what kind of companies we want to build, and how we want to be for the people around us. 

In this episode of Corporate Unplugged, Richard explains why collaboration and curation are key to change, why leaders need to create on the edge, and why China is leading the way, creating cities of the future, with an open mind and a desire to disrupt.

On today’s podcast:

  • How to design humanistic, balanced projects and places
  • Why China provides a second life for international brands
  • Innovating through the D O U X principle
  • How to bring humanism into your corporation
  • Why the world needs balance


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