Episode 2: Young, Gifted and Black

This is the story of Black footballers in the English game. This is our sporting history, this is yours. In this second episode we’ll continue to find out about how Black players have been a fixture of professional football in England, during the interwar years, the aftermath of World War 2, the 1950's and the 1960's. 

In this episode we’ll learn about the Black player who really did become the first to wear the white shirt of England; West Ham's John Charles. The great highs and tragic lows of ‘The Black Flash, Leeds United's Albert Johanneson and the Bermudan boy who became 'The Man' in the East End of London... West Ham United's Clyde Best.

They are trailblazers and history makers. Players who made a place for themselves, and the Black and Mixed Race footballers who would follow them.


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