Working with Cancer Trials Ireland

Cancer research is one of the most challenging yet rewarding careers we know of.

To give you the inside track on what it is like to work at Cancer Trials Ireland, CEO Eibhlín Mulroe shares her own story about how she got involved and the big changes she has seen in the last ten years or so.


  • Where the teams passion comes from
  • Why the organisation values talent so much
  • The pervasive feeling of ‘fighting the good fight’
  • What CTI offers as an employer
  • The challenges faced by Cancer Trials Ireland


Eibhlín has a successful history in the not-for-profit health sector working with cancer trials, patient advocacy and the pharmaceuticals industry. She joined Cancer Trials Ireland in 2015 and overseen huge change and growth in her time as CEO. Her outside interests include Canoeing Ireland, member of Boardmatch and Member of the Board of Mindful Nation Ireland.


Cancer Trials Ireland is a registered charity and the leading cancer research trials organisation in Ireland. It aims to provide every patient with cancer access to high-quality and potentially life-altering cancer trials and to make Ireland a highly attractive location to open cancer trials. 

Since 2000, 623 cancer trials have opened in Ireland, with more than 33,500 patients taking part. In 2022, a survey of public attitudes revealed three in five people in Ireland would take part in a clinical trial. Almost all cancer clinical trials available in Ireland are listed on the Cancer Trials Ireland website: 

Cancer Trials Ireland is partly funded by the Health Research Board and the Irish Cancer Society. It also receives income from pharmaceutical companies and international research groups, as well as through philanthropic giving and donations from members of the public.

Since 2017, Cancer Trials Ireland has rolled out an annual campaign (Just Ask) to promote public awareness and understanding of clinical trials and associated issues. Just Ask 2023 is support through an unrestricted grants from AbbVie, Bayer, MSD, Novartis, & Pfizer.


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