Eric Heald: Session Work, Communication & Persistence

This week we’re joined by Eric Heald, a multi-faceted music industry professional, who describes himself as being all about music, all the time. He wears many hats in the music business - he handles publicity, promotions, and marketing at Tragic Hero Records, a Warner Bros/ ADA distributed record label, and also co-ordinates the studio schedule at Crushtone Studios.In addition to all of this, he is also studying Recording Arts and Technology at Tri-C in downtown Cleveland, is a stagehand of LiveNation, and in his spare time writes and plays music, too.Highlights:- Eric cares about the people he works with, and surrounds himself with music- We talk about how Eric and Marcio met, and the contribution Eric has made to Marcio’s new record- Eric is often told he should be a doctor - Doctor Heald (say it out loud…)- We hear how Eric got started doing session work - it’s all about taking opportunities that come your way!- We discuss the pros/cons of being a session musician and Eric shares what he enjoys about it- You never know what’s going to lead to more opportunities in the future- Eric tells us about his work at Tragic Hero Records and how he landed the job there- Ross shares a story about someone who contacted us about wanting to meet 5 Seconds of Summer (we still don’t know why)- “Nothing is more common than unsuccessful people with talent” - Calvin CoolidgeAdvice:- When contacting ANYONE, know what you’re saying and communicate clearly- Know WHO you are contacting and address them correctly- Make it easy for people to hear your music- If your emails aren’t making a good first impression, you’re not doing yourself or your music justice- Until someone explicitly says “no” or “stop emailing me” keep trying- The follow up is important!- The music is important, but it’s also about the whole package- Think about what makes your band special and sell THAT- Persistence, persistence, persistenceGuest Links:- Tragic Hero Records: Twitter: @EricHeald- Instagram: @EricDHeald- Facebook: /eric.healdSponsors:- Chris Keaton @ Chris Keaton Presents ( Buck Naked Soap Company ( Christine Infanger @ Thirty Roses ( more episodes, visit http://bridge-the-atlantic.comFollow us on Twitter: on iTunes: us on Patreon:

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