Martha and Carmen are free. Well ... sort of

Rebecca and Alan talk with two Catholic Workers who have been in prison for protesting U.S. Navy submarines armed with world-ending numbers of nuclear missiles. We first talked with Carmen Trotta and Martha Hennessy on the porch of Gebhard’s Beer Culture Bar in Manhattan in June 2019 – a bit over two years ago. At the time, Martha and Carmen and other members of the anti-war Plowshares movement were under house arrest for trespassing onto the Kings Bay Naval Submarine Base in Georgia, the previous year. They both wore ankle bracelets. 

Since then -- they were found guilty and have spent many months in Federal Prisons – Martha in Danbury, Connecticut and Carmen in Otisville, NY. 

Recently they were released with some very serious restrictions – which require that we speak with them separately – co-conspirators cannot communicate.

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