Vermouth 101

Are you up to speed with vermouth? In Vermouth 101, we hear from World Class Bartender of the Year 2010, Erik Lorincz and Co-Founder of Belsazar Vermouth, Max Wagner.

Erik Lorincz has prestigious credentials under his belt with roles at five-star establishments like The Purple Bar at Sanderson and The Connaught – two of London’s most luxurious drinks destinations. For eight years, Erik also held the enviable position of Head Bartender at The Savoy’s famous flagship, The American Bar. In his tenure here, it won World’s Best Bar twice. Opening Kwant in 2019, it is already highly regarded and showcases Erik’s incredible creativity.

Max Wagner is Co-Founder of Belsazar Vermouth, set up in 2013. Passionate about modernizing vermouth, Max and his business partner set about creating a vermouth that drew inspiration from their native Germany, and its tasting notes are reflective of the Black Forest. Now a valued member of the Diageo Brand portfolio, Belsazar Vermouth is a refreshing and award-winning brand in the vermouth category.

Tristan talks with Erik and Max about:

· Vermouth production

· How vermouth can transform classic cocktails

· How it can be an aperitif option and a lower ABV offering for your guests

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