Episode 38: Ian Wright on anger, therapy and glory

Hankies at the ready! This gets a bit "sobby" (although just from me, I hasten to add).

Ian Wright talks candidly about anger and the vital role of therapy in helping him channel that fire.

The Crystal Palace, Arsenal and England icon chats about his background, how he came to professional football relatively late having come via non-league football and the building trade. As Paul Gascoigne said to him just before his England debut: "Wrighty is going to cry."

And Balance gets to tell Ian what he means to them - and to the wider world. How a young man with anger issues from a broken home and working class family can carry the hopes and dreams of people way beyond his own London upbringing.

This week is #EyeWeek - Ian has been urging people to get their eyes tested. Visit the SpecSavers site to find out more.

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