Episode 144: Kat Pither on managing anxiety and PTSD through yoga and wellbeing

Kat Pither is the 31-year-old founder of Yogi Bare, 500-hour certified yoga teacher and wellness journalist and writer.  


Kat says with Yogi Bare she has created as a brand for rebels and misfits. It’s the physical manifestation of the concept of yoga being for everybody and everybody.


From humble beginnings, Kat envisioned a way of channelling her creativity to find her own way of managing acute anxiety and PTSD through yoga and wellbeing.


As we chat she explains that it wasn’t a straightforward love affair with yoga – her first classes took her well out of her comfort zone. She didn’t feel she fitted in – but she kept going back.


Kat found that ‘yoga land’ could sometimes be alien and hard to connect with so set out to create a brand that could inspire all.  


Kat has created an accessible range of innovative, eco-centric products that are designed to galvanize creativity, movement, and play.


She has organically built a loyal community of Yogi Bare ‘cubs' who support and follow the brand online and off-line. 


She’s playful, creative, and so much more than a maker of mats. When we speak Kat has landed in America with a plan to connect with Californians and tell them about her brand.




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