Atomic Robo: Nuts & Bolts :: Free Comic Book Day ’13 & Along Came A Tyrantula

It’s Free Comic Book Day! Join Brian, Scott, and Cap as they discuss Robo’s annual one-shot and the digital-only comic Two-Fisted Tales: Along Came A Tyrantula. Both of these stories are tied together in that they were drawn first and scripted afterwards, conceived around the same time, and BOTH involve Robo getting his metal butt kicked!

In this episode we do something different: we time travel! Though, Robo would tell you that this is an impossibility (just like everything that comes out of Dr. Dinosaur’s mouth) it’s true! We go back to when the Free Comic Book Day issue was drawn and totally unscripted to delve deeper into the creative process than we’ve ever done before. Check out these uncolored doodle-rific pictures in the show notes so you can follow along (but not read-along, ’cause there’s no words, dummy!) Will Robo have tummy trouble? Why does Scott hate Thor? Who or what is Tyrantula based on? All these questions and questions YOU asked us in this episode! #askrobo

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